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Writing a letter that truly expresses our connection to our family history and some of our most heartfelt wishes for our children is a difficult thing to do. Mandy is warm, open and easy to talk to. She has crafted a process that makes it easy to just talk, while getting to important topics. She transforms her interviews into writing, with great skill and caring. Five stars!  


I was hesitant to begin this process out of fear I wouldn’t know what to say or how to say it. However, I quickly realized the minute Mandy and I sat down that I didn’t need to worry at all. Her questions led us through this process seamlessly. She is kind, caring, and professional. The end result was something I could not have even imagined. She was able to figure out what I wanted to convey to my children with such accuracy it was unbelievable. I highly recommend sitting down with her and letting her guide you through your own letter. I know for sure you will be beyond pleased with your final product!  


Mandy interviewed me and helped write my Legacy Letter. What an amazing experience. I struggled to do it on my own, because it felt too overwhelming. Mandy made the experience so easy and yet my letter was heartfelt and covered everything I wanted to share with my family. It gave me such a sense of peace before leaving on a military deployment. The letter I can update at any time, but I feel like the content is timeless and I just keep it tucked away in a special place. I’m so happy I made this gift for my family. Mandy is a kind professional who was a pleasure to work with. I can’t thank her enough and I highly recommend Legacy Letters.  


My grandparents worked with Mandy to tell their stories, and leave their children and grandchildren with thoughts, perspectives, and advice. As the recipient of these letters, their voices are alive for me each time I read—and re-read. While we all take iPhone videos to capture a moment, there’s nothing quite like the essence my grandparents left in these letters. They expressed the big things and the little things. Gratitude for exactly what they achieved and had in life,  as well as reminisces of how the cream rose to the top of the old glass bottles the milkman would deliver. Mandy captured their spirits in a way no other medium could. My family treasures these documents. They keep our family legacy alive.  


Reading the book Mandy created for our grandmother was like listening to our Nana speak right to us. Mandy beautifully captured her voice, her nuanced cadence and expressions. While she was alive, we all enjoyed sharing my grandmothers book with her. Now that she’s gone, her book is an invaluable and cherished way to remember and celebrate our beloved grandmother.


Mandy came to my home and we spent a couple hours just talking. Her questions were fun and brought out things I wouldn't have thought of saying on my own. It was so easy, it wasn't until I read the draft that I realized what a profound letter we had created. What a tremendous gift for my children.  


None of us can predict when our last day will be, but I feel at ease knowing I at least have this letter. What a great service.  


I wanted to write my own letter to my grandchildren but wasn't sure where to start. Mandy helped me brainstorm ideas and organize them into an outline. It made it so much easier. Thanks Mandy!  


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