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We meet for two hours, either in person or by phone. Together, we talk about what you'd like to include in your letter. You can expect a relaxed conversation in which I'll ask questions to draw out the things you most want to communicate.


I record our conversation so that I can write the letter in your own words. It's important to me to preserve not only your message but your unique way of delivering it. I want your letter to sound like you!

While we're talking you can feel free to jump around and talk about whatever comes to mind. Later, when I edit the letter, I'll make everything flow by putting things in a logical order, emphasizing what's most important, and leaving out anything  irrelevant. Read some excerpts of letters here.

The content of the letter is always completely up to you. I give you a draft and help you make any desired changes. A revised, second draft is included in the service. 

You receive a printed letter for each child as well as a digital version that you can update at any time. As these letters are meant to be saved, I also offer beautiful archival storage boxes with your photo or title inset into the cover.

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Receive a list of my 5 favorite interview questions.

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