How it works

We meet at your home or wherever you’re comfortable. We discuss what you want to include in your letter, and I ask you questions to help draw those things out. Often the most meaningful parts of your letter are the least planned and don't surface until we start talking. 

An unobtrusive device records our conversation. This is important for two reasons: first because it allows us to simply relax and talk; and second because it captures your voice, which I will use in writing the letter. I have had clients tell me, "It was just like my mom was right there talking to me." That is my goal.

Don't expect to deliver your letter like a perfect speech from start to finish. The raw material will be a mess! My job is to edit it so that it flows naturally.


I give you a draft of the letter, and you make any desired changes. The content of the letter is always completely up to you. Once you have made your changes, I edit and proofread the letter a final time.

The finished letter is printed on acid-free paper and stored in a matching envelope.

For those who who want to write their own letter but need editing or organizational help, I offer consultation services.


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