We meet for two hours, either in person or by phone, and talk about the message you want to communicate to your children. Many people worry that they won't know what to say, or that they'll ramble. My job is to guide you with questions designed to bring out what's important to you. Together, we identify your values and shape your letter. 


I record our conversation in order to capture your voice, which I use to craft your letter. This is my specialty, and what sets my service apart from others: I emphasize your personality and natural way of speaking so that when people read your letter they will feel your voice come to life.

A typical 2-hour interview takes me 15-20 hours to edit: I put things into a logical order, keep what's relevant, leave out what's not, and create transitions where needed. Although the letters are heavily edited, the beauty is that they flow naturally. Read some excerpts here.

The contents of the letter are always 100% up to you. I give you a draft and encourage you to make any changes you want. A revised, second draft is included in the service. 

You receive a printed letter for each child, as well as a digital version that you can update at any time. As these letters are meant to be saved, I also offer beautiful archival storage boxes with your photo or title inset into the cover.


Receive a list of my 5 favorite interview questions.