Since 1997 I have helped people preserve their family histories in custom books. In these books, people pass down stories and genealogy as well as messages of love and guidance to their children. Over the years I have seen these books connecting younger generations to their parents and grandparents. But books take long time to make. So in 2019, when a friend was deploying to a combat zone leaving three young children at home, I urged her to write them a letter. She put it off, not knowing where to start and feeling overwhelmed by the task. Finally, with her departure a week away, I told her to "give me an hour." We made coffee, sat at her kitchen table, and cut right to the important stuff. The result was a beautiful and heartfelt Legacy Letter expressing her love and wishes for her children, just in case she could not be there to tell them in person. And although I'm happy to say that she returned safely, I believe it's never too early for anyone with children to write such a letter.

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