What is a legacy letter?

A legacy letter is a gift from parents to their children. It's a deeply rooting keepsake that takes on different meanings at different stages of life—as children become adults, or choose a career, a life partner, or to have children of their own.

A legacy letter can include anything that is important to you such as:

Words of love and guidance

Personal or family history

Family or religious values

Life choices

Hopes and wishes

Lessons learned

Financial or career advice

Stories about family heirlooms

Let Mandy at Legacy Letters help you write yours.

Mandy came to my home and we spent a couple hours just talking. Her questions were fun and brought out things I wouldn't have thought of saying on my own. It was so easy, it wasn't until I read the draft that I realized what a profound letter we had created. What a tremendous gift for my children.

None of us can predict when our last day will be, but I feel at ease knowing I at least have this letter. What a great service.

I wanted to write my own letter to my grandchildren but wasn't sure where to start. Mandy helped me brainstorm ideas and organize them into an outline. It made it so much easier. Thanks Mandy!

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